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Sheets' K/BB Ratio


I was playing around with the Baseball Reference Play Index and ran a search to find the top K/BB ratios for pitchers with over 1000 IP here are the results


1 Curt Schilling 4.36

2 Pedro Martinez 4.28

3 Ben Sheets 4.06

4 Cy Young 3.78

5 Johan Santana 3.73


I would say that puts Ben in pretty good company. It is interesting that 4 of the 5 are still active and the fifth retired about 100 years ago. For comparison Randy Johnson is 16th, Clemens is 26th, Christy Matthewson is 24th and Koufax is 29th. By the way Fingers 1s 45th and Higuera is 72nd.

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So what we're obviously seeing here is that Sheets is indeed of HOF talent.


Once that finger heals he'll never get injured again, and then he'll put up his great numbers. You'll all see it. I had a dream about this I think.

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