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RIP Andy Williams




"I didn't think he'd do Moon River, but then BAM - second encore!"


Actually, I more often associate Andy Williams with his Christmas shows.


I know this dates me on this board, and I already have an idea of which of you are most likely to add to this thread.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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wow, I honestly had no idea he was still alive! My condolences.


I remember my folks had several Christmas albums with his stuff on it. I believe I even have a few of his bigger hits somewhere in my music collection.


Quite a singer! RIP

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A terrific talent from days gone by. I'm glad that we have recorded music and video to remember this era.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is an iconic holiday song, and he will live on with that, if not more.


And he seemed like a nice guy, which is a good way to go out.


RIP Andy. . .

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