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RIP Stan Musial


Unfortunately, it appears that baseball lost another Hall of Famer today with the passing of Stan Musial at the age of 92.




RIP to both him and Earl Weaver. Stan the Man rates in the top five all-time ballplayers for me. I am too young to have seen him play, but he seems like a class act as a human being and the stats speak for themselves.

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Wow. Very sad day for baseball. As much as I've grown to despise the Cardinals, I think Musial was one of the more underrated players in baseball history because he often doesn't come up in the greatest of all time debates. His stats were amazing. From all accounts, a great guy as well.
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"The Man" was a legend. Does ESPN lead off with his passing? Nope.


If I were pressed as to my top 5 all-time pure hitters, I'd probably answer:


1. Ted Williams

2. Ty Cobb

3. Babe Ruth

4. Stan Musial

5. Either Tony Gwynn or Rod Carew


More impressive than his 7 batting titles, his 3 MVPs, his 1,377 extra base hits and 6,134 total bases, or his 24 All Star selections...check this: 696 strikeouts...in 12,717 plate appearances. Amazing. The guy could do it all.


God's speed, Stan. I'd have given anything to see you play.

There are three things America will be known for 2000 years from now when they study this civilization: the Constitution, jazz music and baseball. They're the three most beautifully designed things this culture has ever produced. Gerald Early
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"Does ESPN lead off with his passing? Nope"


No that's reserved for guys who played in Boston and New York.


I am old enough to have seen Musial play near the end of his career against the Braves. There's many players I was privileged to see as a boy: Spahn, Mathews, Aaron, Banks, Mays, Clemente, Robinson, etc. but Musial was right at the top of that list, certainly as respect goes. Back then Musial was revered just as much as Ted Williams. Now Williams was great, but since their playing days, Musial has been in Williams' shadow. That's just not right. His numbers speak for themselves.


Stan, you are the man. RIP.

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Musial was a class act much like Robin Yount. I remember his last game in Chicago watching on TV. He came in to pinch hit and the Cubs' announcer, Jack Brickhouse, was going on about how he would get a great ovation from the Chicago fans on his last at bat in Chicago. To my ears, the boos far outweighed any positive reaction. This was one of my first introductions to the "classiness" on the Cubs' fans. Repeated many times since but seldom as classless as this occurrence.
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