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MLB.com's Top 100 - Peralta #64


MLB.com has posted their Top 100 prospect list. The only Brewer prospect to crack the Top 100 is Peralta at #64.


Top 10:

1) Jurickson Profar (SS Tex)

2) Dylan Bundy (SP Bal)

3) Oscar Taveras (OF StL)

4) Wil Myers (OF TB)

5) Taijuan Walker (SP Sea)

6) Travis d'Arnaud (C NYM)

7) Jose Fernandez (SP Miami)

8) Zack Wheeler (SP NYM)

9) Gerrit Cole (SP Pit)

10) Tyler Skaggs (SP Ari)




"The most successful (people) know that performance over the long haul is what counts. If you can seize the day, great. But never forget that there are days yet to come."


~Bill Walsh

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Taylor Guerreri would have looked good in Milwaukee. He was a guy I really wanted in that 2011 draft.


Also, the Brewers need to be more aggressive with their prospects. I see Coulter and Taylor as two guys who can make that list next season but not if they don't even see Wisconsin until August.

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Taylor still tore up Helena. I think he would make it to Wisconsin.


Coulter might take a little longer but I think he still has a chance. Did pretty well last season.


I'd also like to see Jorge Lopez bounce back. He's gonna take longer to reach the top 100 rankings (given that he does well) than the other two, but apparently he has a very good curveball and a fastball that touches the low-90s which is very good. All he needs to do is refine his stuff, learn more about the art of pitching, and fill out his frame.

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Funny the type of coulda-woulda-shouldas with the Milwaukee system at this point. Probably should've taken Guerreri with that protected pick in 2011. Probably should've taken Gallo in the comp round this year. Chose not to overspend on Rodon in the last year that they could have overspent. Not to mention think if they kept Odorizzi.


The positive thing is they still do have a lot of guys that look high upside, albeit in the lower minor leagues at this point. Could be a very influential year for the system in 2013.

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