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Game #4: Thursday 6/5 - Team X (home, 3B) - 8:30 - LOSS

I have to miss this one. As long as everyone else is in, we'll still have 10. I'll get text messages out later in the week and update things here until my flight on Thursday.


Good luck. Without me pulling you guys down, I foresee a win!

"We all know he is going to be a flaming pile of Suppan by that time." -fondybrewfan
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List me as day to day and I might need a DL stint.


My ankle hurt real bad this morning. Walking from the bed to the alarm clock caused me to break out in sweat and get nauseous. Wife took me to the ER. Not broken, but I'm in a boot and crutches for now. If it's not better by Monday I'll have to see a specialist because it might be tendon damage.

The poster previously known as Robin19, now @RFCoder

EA Sports...It's in the game...until we arbitrarily decide to shut off the server.

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