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Maryvale address? Has it changed?

Dean Machine

Has anyone sent autograph requests letters to the Brewers to their Maryvale facility? What address did you use?


The Brewers web site listed the address as: 3600 N. 51st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85031. I sent out 6 requests last week and today received back one of them as RTS: forward time expired. The return label said the correct address should be 3805 N. 53rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85031.


I used google and found something that said the address is officially the 53rd Ave one but it was not on the Brewers page. BTW if the post office can print the correct address on the lettter why can't they just deliver it? Was this possibly done in error?


What address are others using and should I expect the the other five letters back?

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Oh crap. You and me my be in the same boat. I sent out like 10 to Maryvale last week also. Grrrr. How did write the address?


I sent mine as

Maryvale Park

Attn: Mr (Name here)

3600 N 51st Avenue


Hopefully labeling the park itself will get it there, especially if it's only a few blocks apart. Still annoying.

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This is the address to use per the operations manager


Milwaukee Brewers

Maryvale Baseball Park

3600 N. 51st Avenue

Maryvale, AZ, 85031



Other than the Maryvale baseball park line that is the address I used.....So I don't know whether to resend it to that address or use the 53rd ave address that the post office suggested. Maybe I will wait a day or two and see if I get back any of the other letters I sent.

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I've always used the 3600 N. 51st Address. Just sent mine out this past weekend. I've always had good success with that address.

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The 53rd street address is the Brewers minor league complex. When the Brewers ST in not in session the mail gets forwarded to the minor league complex. The forwarding time had expired from the end of last spring training. Your letter must have got there too early.



Mystery solved. I mailed 6 letters together so it's unclear why the one was returned but that makes sense. Is Matt Clark considered a minor leaguer?

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