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Note to our posters and readers

Mass Haas

On our minor league forum here at Brewerfan, we have long focused on the positive aspects of the farm system, both in our Link Reports and collection threads of articles and features from around the web.


Earlier this week a since-removed post from a valued Brewerfan contributor mentioned that a listed injury of a farmhand (one of many young players rehabbing in Maryvale) was not as such and that there had been some sort of disciplinary action taken by the Brewers. I personally complicated matters by tweeting a link to the post. I was very wrong to do that. I have since deleted the tweet as well, and am actually thankful that no modified version of the tweet was sent out by others, so in effect, there is no remaining record online, to my knowledge.


As a forum community, we should recognize the difference between acknowledging documented trouble on these types of issues, such as a formal announcement by the Brewers or MiLB, and the message that was posted, even if it was intended as purely an informative post to fans with a vested interest in the future of the Brewers system. That did not make it right from an ethical standpoint.


Please be aware that when this particular player returns to action, we will be carefully and actively monitoring (and removing) any implied comments referring to this week's post. Please continue to discuss batting stances, pitching windups, and all the stats and on-field results (promising results and yes, even the not-so-promising results) associated with Brewer prospects. This will hold true for all farmhand comments down the road.


Thanks for your cooperation going forward in this regard.


-- Jim G.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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