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New Shirts??? Need your opinion


I think I mentioned last year that one of my buddies owns a clothing company. Makes about a 50,000 custom shirts a year. I have some fishing tournament shirts made each year as well as some stuff for my sister's dance team, etc.

The nice, jersey looking wick dry shirts with a 1 color front and back and two sleeve images were $10 a piece for the fishing shirts. So we can keep the price around that price point. I know a few guys came to the team after we had shirts made and don't have them, so I thought I would ask if we want new shirts this year.


This was the link he gave me to check out some styles. It shows a price, but he gets the shirts for less than half that price, so dont worry about that.


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I guess everyone is okay with the boring cotton t-shirts. Doesn't matter to me, but the shirts in that link looked pretty great for only being around $10!
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