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Autographs for Sale

Hey all,


While I was home this past weekend I grabbed some photos out of the closet that I don't think that I will ever have a use for. I used to go to all Autograph Fridays, Block parties, etc...but figured if these were going to sit in a closet for years, someone else may be able to enjoy them. I believe the prices set to be fair, but if you don't think so...feel free to make an offer.


We can work out shipping for the items...I'd love to get these moved...so buying multiple items will be easier for shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!




Casey McGehee signed 16x20 photo $10:



Dave Bush signed 16x20 photo $10:



Ryan Braun signed 11x14 $30:



Prince Fielder signed 16x20 $35:



Trevor Hoffman signed 16x20 (09 ASG photo) $25:



Yovani Gallardo signed 16x20 $25:



Antonio Freeman signed 16x20 $35:



Forrest Greg signed 16x20 $60:



Jerry Kramer signed 16x20 $40:


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I also have a number of Brewers bobbleheads and non-Brewers autographs for sale on Ebay. I'd really like to move these items, so if you would like, make me an offer. Thanks!



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bump. I just updated with what I still have left. I have just lost the passion to have as big of a collection as I used to...and I'm wanting to move things that I don't see myself displaying. I obtained all of these items in person with the exception of the freeman 16x20 which comes with a COA from the private signing.


Please let me know if interested in anything. Thanks!

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