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Relaying Signs- Individual Checkers or Team Chess??


Needs to be asked..... Do Brewers coaches/manager have any control of guys stealing a base/bunting/hit and run????


Last night, along with the inexcusable Gomez steal in 9th (did you hear his excuse????), Gennett bunted while a runner was stealing on first pitch.


Do we have.....a bunt sign (we better)? Steal sign-meaning you are going on this 3-2 pitch(highly doubtful)??? Hit and run-notice other teams doing it much more than us(doubt it)?? Take a pitch sign (probably not)??? Stop sign- no steal in any situation (definitely not)? Many of our players do not major in baseball strategy and NEED serious help (off the field but surely on the field with signs) from coaches; often, I feel our guys are doing whatever they feel is best. Moreover, it is SO SAD that I even have to ask these questions, that it is even a question... Even MORE SAD, is that our media guys won't even ask the questions!


Last night, Counsell should have been asked if he sent Gomez..... should have been asked why a stop sign wasn't put up in that situation..... should have been asked if Gomez will be doing the same thing tomorrow in a similar situation. When Counsell answers the media, "You can't get thrown out there," my follow-up questions should be asked. To me, that answer screams, "It's his fault, not mine!" Sorry, Craig, you are the manager and the decisions players make on the bases ultimately fall on you and your base coaches.


I've asked JS writers,over the years, what signs the Brewers have. They don't know either and seem to be afraid to ask. I'm not interested in the ACTUAL signs of hand to belt for bunt or what the indicator is, I simply want to know IF they have certain signs. All I can say is, that during Melvin's reign as GM, we seem to be playing individual checkers on offense when many others are playing team chess. I realize our team is supposed to be built to mash HRs, but many of the following happen many times, even with a new manager....

Stealing 3rd with two outs

Bunting and stealing on same play

1st and 2nd, lead runner steals 3rd while guy at first stays put

Swinging 2-0 down 4 runs with no outs in the 8th

Swinging extra hard when contact will do to move the runner a base....

(Overall, not playing selfless team ball)


Gomez is the ring-leader here, and his eventual trading will help. He is a great hustler, fiery competitor, nice guy, all that, but he has set a terrible example as a team leader on how to be a professional- way too many mental errors with all facets of the game. He's done them all. Moreover, our baseball team IQ needs to be helped by our coaches making the calls of strategy, our players following the signs (assuming we have them), and our coaches growing a Holmgren-like/Wolf-like backbone to face problematic issues head on when signs aren't followed, even if that means bad media, friction in the clubhouse, or a benching here and there.


I believe Counsell has helped baserunning issues (less aggressive, not leading Gomez off when bases are empty). Questions remain, though, on how much strategy is in the hands of coaches instead of on a strategically-challenged player's whims.

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I would guess some guys have the green light to steal whenever they want. Gomez probably for sure but he's too stupid to know when the right and wrong time is to do it. He also may not have the green light and just thinks he can do whatever he wants.


Bunting and stealing on the same play might be designed. A fast guy stealing second on a bunt can make it to third if everything goes right.


Double steals are hard because the trail runner has to make sure the lead runner goes and therefore doesn't get a great jump. It's better the stay put then have a close play at second.


Swinging 2-0 no matter what the score isn't really a bad play. It's probably going to be a good pitch to hit. Unless the pitcher has been wild all game you might as well take a hack at it.


Swing extra hard. That's just how baseball is played now a days. There are very few hitters that will change their swing for the situation. It sucks. But that's the way it is for just about every team.

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