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Dodgers could meet our 3B & 1B future needs

what do you think of trading Garza + Gennett for Scott Van Slyke + Alex Guerrero this offseason?


Gennett replaces Guerrero and Garza adds depth to the back of the bullpen.


Although Scott Van Slyke is versatile, being able to play corner OF & 1B, he has been blocked by Gonzo, and a glut of corner outfielders over the last three years. He put up big numbers in the minors and has done well in the majors, even though it has been in a limited reserve/PH role. I think given a chance, he could be a solid first baseman. Assuming Braun stays in the OF (or is traded), Van Slyke fits a need- he is a FA at the end of the 2019 season.


Guerrero has the higher upside than Gennett, but Gennett should be a decent starter for LA.


we could also include K-Rod and receive another player to better equalize it.

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what do you think of trading Garza + Gennett for Scott Van Slyke + Alex Guerrero this offseason?



Not going to work. If the Dodgers are going to be trading for Garza you are going to have to take back at least one of Crawford or Ethier. I'm not a big Guerrero fan and Van Slyke is getting old and not someone the Brewers should be targeting.


The Dodgers also wouldn't have much use for Gennett with Peraza and Seager at AAA. Seager is going to be a 3B as I don't see him sticking at SS.


I think this would be more representative of a trade with the Dodgers:


Garza and Segura for Crawford/Ethier, Austin Barnes, and John Richy.


Segura moves to SS to replace Rollins next year with Garza moving into the #4 or #5 spot in the rotation for the Dodgers. This all depends on if the Dodgers resign Greinke or not as I believe Greinke is going to opt out of his contract in the off season.


What I would really like to do is trade Peralta to the Dodgers for a return of Jose De Leon, Austin Barnes, and Cody Bellinger. That is probably too much for Peralta but the Brewers could always add in Segura or Smith to the deal.

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