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Julio Teheran a target in the offseason?


I am wondering what it would take for the Brewers to get Teheran from the Braves this off season. Maybe get Teheran plus another prospect or two for Lucroy?


Considering the Braves' purge of contracts that go past 2016, look for them to take offers on Julio Teheran this winter, who's under contract through 2019. He could be a good buy-low opportunity for someone ... The Braves look like they have positioned themselves perfectly for 2017 with a pitching prospect stash that's been acquired almost exclusively within the past nine months.


From: http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/writer/jon-heyman/25269713/inside-baseball-how-blue-jays-pulled-off-best-ever-deadline-double

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What is wrong with him? He's given up the same amount of ERs in 67 less IP from last season! He's up 1BB/9 on the season and giving up 1hit/9 more than last season. So pretty much 2 more baserunners per start and his ERA is 1.55 higher. Must be some bad luck going on.


Something I'll question on Teheran is Pitching interdivision games vs. what I call the NLEast. Mets, Phillies, Nationals, and Marlins. In all those Pitcher parks. Pitcher parks vs weaker hitting foes in talent. Moving him to Miller Park, facing the NL central hitters. I'd fear a 5ERA from him with the change. Well prior to his numbers this year I'd say more 4ERA but under 3.3 would be gone.


Monetary value, his contract is cheap. All 30 teams can afford it, even the Pirates/Rays. The asking price for Julio regardless of this season's numbers is going to be immense.


Brewers would have to start with either Arcia or Phillips. D. Williams or Jorge Lopez. And Nathan Kirby.


Now you're acquiring Teheran at a time of rebuild while he's cheap. Removing 1 of those top rebuild prospects which prolongs the batting rebuild.

So 2018? is that when Milw will become competitive again? Lucroy is gone. So is Lind. Braun is 2 more seasons older. Now Teheran's contract price is 8mil. with 11mil forthcoming. The timing is just all to poor to do this. It's a win-now move. Just don't believe Milw can win right now. Remember, we are in the midsts of Pitts. and the Cubs continuing this growth of theirs. They'll be even better next season. The Cubs will have an even better Ace(Grienke?) on their staff than Teheran. Pittsburgh will be adding Tyler Glasnow I imagine which is Syndergaard/Matz like to the staff.


The Brewers really need to stay on track for rebuild. Liriano is done after 2017 and McCutchen likely as well(Pirates have to trade him and not hold on to him for 2018)


That is the year the Brewers should be targeting to compete. 2018 with doing nothing but acquiring talent as they have this year all the way through then. Yes, Teheran is a great talent, but he's going to cost talent to acquire.

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