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2015 Milwaukee Film Festival


I can't be the only one attending judging by the crowds.


So far I've seen and enjoyed the silent double feature, Theeb, Youth, Turbo Kid, and A Hard Day. The Look of Silence seems to have the most buzz judging from what I'm hearing in line.


Anyone else going?

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I went and saw the 35mm screening of The Shining last night (the first time I'd ever seen the movie all the way through).


What a cool experience.


It also helped that none other than John Axford (who we were initially told was unable to make it) rolled out in overalls, a bad wig and on a big wheel.

"I wasted so much time in my life hating Juventus or A.C. Milan that I should have spent hating the Cardinals." ~kalle8

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It's great that Axford has stayed involved with the festival even after his time with the Brewers.


Best single screening at the festival was The Seventh Seal on a very nice 35 mm print. I also enjoyed Cartel Land, Imperial Dreams, Court, Theeb, and Safety Last a lot. Wish I could have fit The Sound of Silence, The Club, and No One's Child into my schedule though.

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