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Biggest Leap

Who is going to take the biggest leap next season? Hopefully most players will improve and guys like Arcia are sure to solidify their prospect stock, but he is already rated highly. So what I mean to ask is who do you think is going to ascend the most up the prospect ranks next year- from now until the end of the 2016 season.
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To get the conversation going- here are some guys I believe are earmarked to take a big leap next year- some coming off injuries, others had a hot 2nd half that seem primed to rise:


* Cody ponce - just seems so advanced- next year is when he's going to start making some top minor league prospect lists

* Demi orimoloye - offseason action has scouts raving about approach and potential

* Carlos leal - with only one full season of action at catcher- he should be primed for another big step

* Trent clark - he'll launch himself in the top echelon of prospects next year with his advanced hitting ability

* Gilbert lara - was a bit overmatched for his age last season- his production will start matching his huge talent next year

* Yhonathan barrios - similar with Leal, barrios is relatively new to pitching and will only get better and better with more action

* Monte Harrison - injury cut short an "I get it" moment last season and i expect that to continue this coming year- putting him consistently in the top 100 lists

* Jake Gatewood - seemed to begin to figure out advanced pitching. his power potential started shining through with his XBH

* Jay Feliciano - scouts were impressed with his performance in DSL and will not be surprised to see that production come stateside and go from prospect obscurity to people's radars

* Luis Sardinas - somewhat overlooked, because of reaching MLB at such a young age. next year he'll be 23 (still young for the majors- Yadiel Rivera is a year older and performed shabbily in Colorado) with 2 partial seasons in the majors under his belt. expect him to compete for a starting job and remind people of his incredible potential.

* Adrian houser - already the hot pick who has advanced his stock tremendously since August. with his makeup, i see it as an upwards trend.

* Dustin houle - coming off of injuries that limited his playing time the last couple seasons, he is primed to continue where he left off and prove that 2015 was no fluke, climbing him up the brewer prospect ladder

* David Denson - with his personal issues released, he is more free to crush home runs and regain the prospect excitement that captured fans during his rookie year

* Miguel diaz - injuries have prevented him from being a top 25 brewer prospect. but, being healthy next season and with his fastball working in the mid-90s, he should reward those who continued to have him as a top brewers prospect.

* Tyrone Perry - big time power and patience at the plate. will ascend up our prospect charts as much as he's ascended up the weight scale this past year- which is saying a lot.

* Jon olczak - love this kid. great numbers this past season- under the radar late round talent who has the pitching maturity to quickly rise up the ranks drawing much more attendtion.

* Tucker Neuhaus - first round talent, made contact well last season, expect power to increase a bit and ready for a breakout year

* Tyrone taylor - status dropped this past season with mediocre production at Biloxi, but was young for his level, yet still held his own and still holds the same athletic potential that caused the brewers to draft him in the 2nd round- if he repeats in AA or is at hitter friendly Colorado- i expect him to break out offensively showing gap power.

* Kyle wren - potential is there. with a second go round at Colorado- he'll start putting himself in the conversation surrounding the crowded upper level OFers.

* Damien magnifico - high 90s fastball- has improved each season and expect him to challenge for a bullpen spot at some point in 2016

* Carlos belonis- brewer scouts have liked his potential ever since he signed for $550K in the DSL. not on many people's top prospect lists, but really came on late last season and i see that running over into next season.

* Carlos luna - put up Gian Rizzo numbers in DSL. this season he'll prove that they weren't a fluke when he repeats them stateside.

* Yosmer leal - there's a reason the brewers offered him $370K to play for them, because he's young with attractive potential. but, an injury sidelined him all of last year. this year, he'll have the ability to show off his stuff and take a big developmental leap.

* Wei-chung wang - its a wonder what a little kick in the butt can do for some people. Wang, who didn't really earn a spot with the big league team in 2014, nor his 40 man roster spot in 2015, finally had to fight last season after being removed from the 40 man. and has been dominant ever since. it will be interested to see what happens in this year's Rule V draft, but if he remains with the crew- expect him to justify the reason we picked him up in the first place.

* Angel ventura - under the radar swingman. has flourished in both roles. next year is the year he says to the world- "hey, look at me!"

* Jed Bradley - big splits differentials! very effective against LHH, is atrocious against RHH. they haven't really used him as a LOOGY yet though, trying to improve his ability to pitch against righties. i am doubtful he'll figure it out, but i think once they start utilizing him as a LOOGY his numbers are going to be awesome, tempting the Brewers to test him out in that fashion at the major league level.

* Jacob Barnes- began this season as a mediocre swingman. will end next season pushing for a major league bullpen spot.

* Kodi Medeiros - 1st rounder, obviously great stuff, and performed well at 19 in A-ball. yet, i don't see him on many national lists. a repeat performance next season at A+ will make believers out of national listmakers. and in pitcher friendly, Brevard County- should do well there.

* Gentry fortuno - began last season at 17 years old and did more than hold his own as a later round draft pick. showed mature pitching ability and with his age should put himself in prospect land next season.

* Martin viramontes - not a very good year last year, but one cannot deny his awesome arsenal. next year he puts it all together for a make or break year.

* Quintin torres-costa - was he just old for the level last year or is he really as K-worthy as his stats suggest. next year he'll show off why he's been consistently making bats miss since HS and spite the other teams that let him fall so far in the draft.

* Michael Petersen - did superb in his limited action last season as a late sign, which caused him to not be noticed by many. i expect that will change next year.

* Jordan desguin- really like him- and think that next year, like Petersen, is going to start people talking about him with more exposure.

* Joan de la cruz- missed last season due to injury. but, was on the cusp of prospect status after a solid year in DSL. good stuff, should rise up the brewer prospect ranks this year.

* Nelson hernandez- was a 16 year old sign. has shown flashes of potential. next year that potential will show more consistently.

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The Big 3 In BC Rotation (Ponce, Williams, Mederios)

- Ponce will be in AA by June. He is advanced. Sitting 96-98 with good off-speed stuff, he is a bulldog who is intemidating and attacks you. Brewers are extremely high on him and he will really leap forward pitching in a place where most pitchers naturally dominate more than their skill level. All he needs is the Ks to start coming.


- Williams has improved every season. This is his 3rd year and he just seems as though he is on the cusp of breaking out. Reminds me of Lopez entering BC in that he has all the ability but just hasn't put it all together yet...Lopez took first step in BC similar to the step Williams took last year.


- Mederois

Not trying to start the usual battle to the death Kodi debate but any way you shape it, he was 18 last year, 3 years younger than average, and still more than held his own. He NEVER ONCE gave up a homerun last season which is sensational for a 18 year old in A ball. At times he was unhittable and dominant. Other times he was very pedestrian. For season, statistically, he had a very encouraging season. Now he will be in a pitcher heaven and will need to show he is learning to PITCH nasty....Not just throw. I think even Thecrew07 will like him if he is able to start doing that.


Clint Coulter

He broke out once, then he was force to endure a whole season of power hitter torture. Only hitters who excel in BC are often line drive to slap hitters. If you have any lift at all to your swing, your season will be tough. That dense, heavy air, wind, and etc is not a good situation. If you think about it, In April to Mid May prior to the climate change and the air becoming very dense...he absolutely destroyed the ball. In Biloxi I am expextiong a .280 20+ HR 80+ RBI with an OPS sitting in the .850+ range. I drank the jug of Coulter + Biloxi Kool-Aid prior to writing this.


Dustin Houle

HOLY MOLY ME OH MY! HE IS HEALTHY! Long road from age 17 to now to really have a season like he did this past season. I think he can become a legit catching prospect and will actually start in AA next year.


"The Tidal Wave" (Harrison, Gatewood, Lara, Clark, Orimoloye, Diplan)

Many more I wanted to include however I will stick to the 5 who all have ceilings to be #1 prospect.


-Harrison after 2-3 week adjustment to Helena, the last month prior to injury just had my jaw to the floor drooling! (By the way he was just starting to scratch the surface)


-Orimoloye....Did you follow him in Arizona? Nuff Said.....by the way, he is also just scratching the surface!


-Lara ...ball absolutely flies off his bat, his arm is rediculous across the infield, he has the hit tool, he is a heck of an athlete, all the tools are their for him to become the star who was signed for 3.2 million at 16. Right now, over matched, struggled mentally like many young kids. Once he got cold, wasn't strong enough mentally to snap out of it. Still Brewers pushed him up to Helena.


- Clark....He is just a professional baseball player in every aspect you could want. He is just all around good and arguably the hardest worker who never stops hustling.


- Gatewood...In my opinion he took a big leap this year. He looked lost as could be in Arizona. Still they pushed him to Wisconsin where he actually was starting to turn it on before his demotion. Went to Helena, mashed double after double after double, came back up to Wisconsin and was more comfortable. Should be good to explode like Coulter did the 2nd time around.


-Diplan.....Did I really just say he could be a top prospect? Yes I did and I think there are plenty of scouts who are also very high on the young man. I said after the trade, he was going to be the centerpiece and the x-factor of the deal. He impressed in his first year and I look forward to see the him step up as the Ace in Wisconsin



Colorado Springs Rotation (Lopez, Hader, Houser)


Hader- He wil continue since dominance of minor league baseball on his way to becoming Chris Sale 2.0 with DeGrom 2.0 Flow

He is really good, if his command is on, how do you even touch him? Best way to survive in Colorado is to simply not even allow opposing team to hit the ball.


Lopez - I wis Garza would just be traded so he is opening day #5 but that is a slim chance. I think he very well could be a similar MLB to Yo.


Houser- Honestly, I thought he was more of your big body Peralta/Jungmann groundball power arm pitcher who doesn't get many Ks but I am starting to see more Jimmy Nelson in him. Biggest difference is at 22 Nelson had just figured things out in Wisconsin and was about to start his dominance at BC. Houser at 22 is knocking on MLB doors. Both 2nd round picks that had been written off a bit. No way Houser is as low as some list have him out there.



Franly Mallen- Humbly was held back in DSL to start year and did it ever pay off. He was a totally different player offensively and defensively moved to a position better for him. Promoted all the way up to Helena and was good in his short sample. Interesting to see if he starts in Wisconsin or repeats Helena.


Miguel Diaz- He is healthy. He was rocketing up top prospects list after a small showing in Arizona 2 years ago based purely on his stuff. Diplan/Diaz will be an exciting duo to watch in Wisconsin.


Neuhaus- Honestly I would repeat him. He'd still be below league average in age and has shown real signs of life at times. He is a good glove caliber 2B. His offense projects very nice there as well. I would start him with that loaded group, let him be a leader, build confidence, and really let his bat get going. BC is hard on hitters, no need to rush a young hitter to go through that struggle be they are ready.


Tyrone Perry or David Denson

I don't know which one but one of them needs to step up and breakout as a true 1b prospect. Denson has had us waiting for awhile now. Perry's weight is very concerning to me but his overall offensive potential is not.


Joangtel Segovia-

When all a guy does is hit .400.....he is clearly a guy who has potential to break out.


George Iskerderian-

He will start in BC in my mind and start to establish himself as a MLB prospect. I think he is very talent player and really could rise.


Sthervin Matos

You know, he can go off a any given moment. He is another guy we have been waiting for but just hasn't gotten over that hump.


Top 10 Risers

1. Ponce

2. Coulter

3. Diplan

4. Houser

5. Harrison

6. Orimoloye

7. D. Williams

8. Gatewood

9. Iskerderian

10. M. Diaz

Proud member since 2003 (geez ha I was 14 then)


FORMERLY BrewCrewWS2008 and YoungGeezy don't even remember other names used

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor

So, basically everyone in our minors? :)


I like Ponce, Williams and Medeiros going into Brevard as pitchers. But they are already pretty highly regarded.


I'll pick one of the few you two missed: Brandon Diaz.

- He struggled big time to begin the year, but played much better after Monte Harrison was demoted and Brandon was able to move back to CF. A mid-year injury held him out of the last two months of the season, so he dropped off people's radar.

- Moving to Brevard normally is a hindrance to hitters, but since Brandon isn't a big power guy (303/407/393/801 after the all-star), I don't think it will effect him as much.

- He won't be cracking the top 10 or making people forget about Maverick or Trent. But he could start making people see a Michael Reed type bat with the ability to play CF everyday defensively.

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Two names:


David Burkhalter and Troy Stokes


Burkhalter's peripherals at Appleton as a 19-20 year old were outstanding and belied his 4.99 ERA.


Stokes OBP of .384 as a 19 year old at Helena was very encouraging as were his 5 HR. Yeah he's 5'8" but he can generate some pop.

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I am very high on Stokes as he is just an OBP monster. He reminds me of a younger version (shorter) version of Michael Reed. Good average, power potential, always on base, steals a lot of bases, can play CF not not as good defensively as guys around him, so is put in left and right, both drafted in that 4-5 range out of high school. Don't think he has the arm that Reed has but overall, similar in my mind.


Burkhalter is a guy I followed very closely. His ERA is by far the worse stat to look at of his. He looked outstanding at times during the season! He just would have a great stretch followed by 1-3 bad outings then get hot, followed by 1-3 bad outings. If he can continue to reduce those bad outings a little more he can really leap. He will be 20 for over half of next season.


He started terrible that 1st month pitching these 3 games

April 12 - 1.2ip 6ER

April 28- 3.2IP 5R 3ER

May 8 - 4.1 IP 6ER


(Sandwiched in there were 3 solid outings with 3G 1GS 10IP 10H 3ER 4BB 7K)


Then got HOT

May 13th- June 8th

6G 19IP 15H 4ER 3BB 26K


Had a bad day

June 14 - 3IP 4ER


Got rolling again

June 19-July17

6G 3GS 23.2IP 17H 4ER 3BB 23K


Clunker 3 game stretch

July 22-Aug 2

9.1IP 15H 13ER 5BB 8K


Finished August Strong

Aug 8- Aug 26

4G 2GS 15IP 9H 3ER 1BB 17K


Lets just say he didn't pitch in September

2 GS 10 IP 15H 10ER 0BB 5K


So in what I considered good outings:

19G 6GS 67.2IP 51H 14ER 11BB 73K...... ERA 1.87 |WHIP .923 | 6.64-1 K:BB


The Bad:

9G 6GS 32.1IP 49H 42ER 11BB 20K ....11.78 ERA | 1.87 WHIP | 1.82:1 K:BB


So as of now

68% of his outings are consider good

32% of his IP where bad

50% of his starts were bad

81% of his RP's were good


(Above is according to my standards of a good or bad)

Proud member since 2003 (geez ha I was 14 then)


FORMERLY BrewCrewWS2008 and YoungGeezy don't even remember other names used

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