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J-S's list of the Top 10 Games of the First Half

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Seems as though according to this list, top equals important, but not necessarily exciting. Included are wins that stopped losing streaks, salvaged a game in a key series, or propelled the team in a winning direction, instead of just blowouts or walkoffs.
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It's a pretty good list.


I would have moved number 5 (the win over Texas) to number 2. Despite the no-hitter in between, I believe it was Jenkins blast in a game where they left an army on base following the collapse the night before that helped propel them almost as much as Hall's blast vs. Detroit. Had they lost that game in Texas, I think the Cubs would have already caught them.


The Miller HR game was big, but they never really trailed in that game and it completed a sweep at home over a losing team.

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Not a bad list, but I would probably include Yovani's first start in there somewhere, either over Opening Day or the Twins game in May.


The game had tons of excitement

-A top pitching prospect winning his first start.

-A monster Fielder homer

-A thrilling 9th inning...Brewers one run lead, bases loaded, 2 out, 3-2 count.

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