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Trash-Talking Major Leaguers


While watching the game tonight. In the top of the 2nd, Gwynn hit a screamer towards 3rd that absoultely froze Zimmerman. My fiancee, who never misses one of my softball games, screamed, "ATE HIM UP".


While pretty bush league in major league baseball, I wondered if anybody knew of any instances of players crossing the line and trash talking ala what goes on in bar league softball games. Do any major leaguers have a trash talking reputation?

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The only story that immediately comes to my mind was this recent one: LINK


Here's your ball, now please tell me what gas station you work at so I can come and yell at you when you're working. Please sit down, shut up and enjoy the game. From your favorite center fielder, Vernon Wells.
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I recall a time in 2002 when Armando Rios of the Pirates was playing at Miller Park and my brother and a few of the bleacher regulars in the field bleachers continued to heckle Rios all game and Rios tipped his cap a few times and when one of the bleacher regs, named Dave, yelled to Armando: "If you can hear us, flip us off!" Rios responded with a quick flip and my brother and the regs laughed so hard.

That is the reason he was one of the leading vote-getters for the 2002 All Star game. My brother, myself and a few other people stuffed the ballot box in favor of Rios that it became a national mystery as to why Rios was in the top 10.

Here is the proof that me and my friends stuffed the ballot box in favor of Rios in 2002:



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