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Brewers vs. lefthanders in June

June 1st W 8-5 Olson 5.2 IP 8H 3BB 5ER

June 3rd W 3-0 Willis 6 IP 7H 6BB 2ER

June 5th W 7-5 Lilly 5 IP 8H 1BB 6ER

June 13th W 3-2 Maroth 7 IP 9H 4BB 1ER ND

June 18th W 5-4 Lowry 5.2 IP 9H 3BB 5ER

June 20th W 7-5 Zito 4 IP 5H 1BB 6ER

June 22nd W 11-6 De La Rosa 5 IP 10H 2BB 7ER

June 24th L 4-3 Perez 5 IP 7H 2BB 2ER ND

June 26th W 11-5 Rodriguez 5 IP 7H 4BB 6ER

So lefties are 0-7 with a 7.45 ERA and a 1.97WHIP in the month of June. With Braun (1.810 OPS) and Hart now batting every day the Brewers are killing left handers. Just a reason to optmistic about the Brewer's chances this weekend.

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With so many righties in our order Left handed pitchers really don't stand a prayer.


I mean Braun, Hall and Hardy completely destroy lefties.


Mench and Weeks are not horrible and Fielder destroys any pitcher.


Then you have Hart who is pretty darn good against both.


Estrada is worse against lefties but that is one out of 8.

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