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does Goetz have a chance?


I have a soft spot for the local boys.


I know he's old for rookie ball, and has limited power. but he does have great plate discipline and speed.


But then there is that clot of OF in A an A+ ball, plus gindl, haydel, et al in rookie ball.


I have trouble seeing a place for him next season, which I think would be a shame. Maybe almost everyone in A, A+ ball will get promoted.

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Goetz has quietly become my favorite player.

He first caught my eye during workouts before the season opened. Who is this kid? While some of the players were just going thru the motions or doing the minimum this #39 was fullout, not cutting corners. It was obvious he was very focused.

He is very solid fundamentaly, doesnt make mistakes in the field and shows excellent disipline at the plate, with some power.

The play at the plate the other night was something to see. Goetz left his feet from about 6' out and hit the Rockies catcher square shoulder high. (think free safety) It was amazing that no one was hurt. The play would have been close had he slid or stayed on his feet and plowed into the catcher. Good aggressive baseball.

I am not sure what his ceiling is. Right now he is the best all around outfielder in Helena.

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nope, not taking anything away from gindl, hes a keeper

but all around i think goetz gets the nod, hes no slouch at the plate and is excellent defensively, he knows how to play the game

that said, hes got 4 years on gindl.

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