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6/23/05 Cubs (Rusch) @ Brewers (Sheets) 1:05 CST

In the top of the 9th, when we had a 2 run lead, why wasn't Overbay put in as a defensive replacement?


First of all, its always easy to question this after the error. But, more importantly, Overbay is not that good defensively himself. The only advantage he would have had on that play would have been that the ball was hit to his glove side, whereas Helms had to play the backhand.


Should Helms have played it cleanly? You bet. Have we seen Overbay make worse plays? Absolutely. I don't see where anybody can be blamed on that one ( not putting Overbay in as a def. replacement).

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when did I say the '04 brewers would finish ahead of STL? When did that happen again?


You guys are truely pathetic. Argue with me all you want but at least use some facts to support your claim. Do you guys work for the government or something? You cant just say something over and over and over and expect it to become true because it helps your argument. I never said Milwaukee will finish ahead of STL in '04. What I said was clear and there is no need to repeat it again.


Again....the JD DREW comparison in ATL has no value. Does ATL have a huge payroll and can they attrack pretty much ANY FA they desire? Yes. How does that compare with Milwaukee's situation? No FA's sign here unless they come from the state or are already on the team. Signing Jenkins was the only option and it made sense at the time. It was jenkins or a retread. Melvin made the right move.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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