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5/18 Brewers (Cappy) @ Nats (Loaiza) 6:05 CST


Today's game is brought to you by Brady Clark, who is hitting .474 in May, and also by ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball!! I'm pumped!


This game is also brought to you by Carlos Lee, now up to 3rd in the NL for RBI. Boy, I wish we'd never traded our base stealer for him...


edit: Hmm, is it just regional? I'm seeing STL/PHI and SF/COL...


(perhaps they realize NO one wants to watch SF/COL)


edit2: ESPN2 *confirmed*. My above statement must be true. I had been looking at Yahoo TV listings, but those were old. Went to espn.com, and sure enough espn2 is Nats vs Crew. Hooray for National TV!

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