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9/06/03 - Cubs (Prior) @ Brewers (Kinney)


6:05 PM, CST


Radio: WTMJ 620


Brewerfan.net / Statfox matchup info:



Matt Kinney Player Profile:



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SportsTicker Game Preview:


Chicago Cubs (74-67) at Milwaukee (62-7http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/glasses.gif 7:05 pm EDT


MILWAUKEE (Ticker) -- Mark Prior tries to extend his

career-high winning streak to seven games Saturday night as the

Chicago Cubs continue a three-game series with the Milwaukee



Prior (14-5, 2.36 ERA) has not lost since returning from the

disabled list on August 4. Before beating San Diego on August

5, Prior had lost his previous three decisions.


In his last six starts, Prior has yielded just three runs and 26

hits in 47 innings. The righthander, who turns 23 on Sunday

also has recorded 43 strikeouts and issued just seven walks.


Prior's latest win was Monday against the St. Louis Cardinals,

when he allowed five hits and struck out eight in eight innings

of a 7-0 victory. The win came after the start of the game was

delayed over four hours by rain.


Prior is 1-1 with a 3.00 ERA in four lifetime starts vs. the



Milwaukee's Matt Kinney (10-9, 4.74) has won three straight

decisions and is 4-1 with a 3.27 ERA in his last seven starts.


Kinney extended his winning streak with last Saturday's win at

Wrigley Field, where he allowed five runs and seven hits in 7

1/3 innings.


Chicago has won five of its last six games after Friday's 4-2

victory. Slugger Sammy Sosa hit a two-run homer and Juan Cruz

pitched 6 2/3 innings as the Cubs remained one half-game behind

the first-place Houston Astros in the National League Central.


In Milwaukee's third loss in 17 games, rookie Scott Podsednik

scored both runs.

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This is utterly embarrassing. If Milwaukee wants to gain some respect as a baseball town, maybe we should start outnumbering Cub fans in our home stadium.

Every time the Cubs visit Miller Park, Brewer fans just don't go to the games. It is no one's fault but the Brewer fans for not buying a ticket to these games. How hard is it to order tickets and go to games.

Also, the Cub pitchers showed the Brewers up big time in last night's (Friday) game and the Brewers didn't even bother fighting about it. Come on now, we need to start beaning people. Sexson, our most stable player and only proven player, was hit by a Juan Cruz pitch last night. Then the next inning, Sheets hits Gonzalez and then Gonzalez attempts to take out Bill Hall. Why can't we just go after these Cub players? Us and the Brewers need to make a statement that we will not be messed with. Hit Sosa for all we care. At least it would send the message that we won't be pushed around. When was the last time we ever did something like that? The Cubs have pushed around a lot of teams this year, the Reds and then the Cards in the previous series. Alfonseca bumped an ump and then Alou could suspended. Sosa was suspended for his own incident, so we need to send a message to Chicago and the Cubs that this is Milwaukee, a baseball town, and we will put up a fight in every angle.

We can lose all we want, and lose the right way... but when it comes to pride, the team has shown no defense this series and the people of Milwaukee have shown no pride.

If Milwaukee is such a baseball town, then why are we being outnumbered by Cub fans? These are supposed to be our rivals, but we are getting beat right now.

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Me and the wife were at the game, and the amount of Cubs fans made me feel sick to my stomach.


At least I got to see Sammy strike out twice, and Richie go deep after a large contingent of fans yell "Sexson Sucks!".


At least they haven't won a league pennant since 1945. We'll always have that.

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If Milwaukee is such a baseball town, then why are we being outnumbered by Cub fans? These are supposed to be our rivals, but we are getting beat right now


I don't mind this. First it means more money for the team and the area. Second, I think it shows that if you win, people show up. Milwaukee fans are sick of losing. Chicago fans will almost always come up here in the tens of thousands until the Brewers start contending. Brewer fans are not as dumb as Cub fans. Brewer fans at least send a message to the management by not showing up to see Jason Conti and literally the second coming of Jamie Navarro from a few years back. The management of the Cubs doesn't have to make solid moves to please the average Cub fan, only the few Cub fans that have some knowledge of the game will care.


I honestly don't know why Cub fans are so well respected in the national media. They may be the most unintelligent fans in sports.


Plus, when we start contending, a good number of those bandwagoning morons from our state will magically become Brewer fans.


Yeah it's not fun now, but it'll be awesome when 40,000 people come to see the BREWERS play.

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor

a good number of those bandwagoning morons from our state



I agreed with everything in your post, except that Mike. I consider myself a pretty hardcore fan. I went to about 40 games in 01, about 10 last year, and ..........three this year. I went to see the Snappers about a dozen times though. Bandwagoner? Nah, smart consumer. That's all. I still listen on the radio or watch every game that I can. I check this site and others almost every day. It's not a money issue either. When the product quality improves to meet what I demand for my entertainment dollar, I'll start going to more games. Call me a fair weather fan if you will, it's everyone's prerogative how to spend their money.


Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on your post: like I said, I agreed with all the rest of it. I just hear the bandwagon term a lot, and I disagree with the term when people care about the team, they just don't spend money on it.

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I went to about 40 games in 01, about 10 last year, and ..........three this year. I went to see the Snappers about a dozen times though. Bandwagoner? Nah, smart consumer.


Thats not what I mean, sorry to confuse you.


I like the fact that Brewer fans like yourself are talking with your wallet. As long as you still follow the Brewers on TV, radio, here, whatever, you are a Brewer fan. I was talking about the people who like the Cubs, or any other team besides the Crew, only because the Brewers haven't done anything in 11 years.

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor

Gotcha. I wanted to go to more games this year, really. Every time I thought about it though, I just couldn't muster up the desire.


I did know what you meant, more or less. Some of my friends that are more "casual" brewer fans have stopped listening and watching pretty much altogether. They'll ask me what's been going on, but that's about all.

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I welcome the Cubs' fans and their cash. Also, I understand the easy money season ticket holders can make selling to ticket brokers on weekend Cubs series. I recall last year hearing $30 seats were being sold TO the brokers at $75-100. I can't blame the folks for subsidizing the cost of season tiks by cashing in. If anything, it makes obvious that the Brewers need to charge a premium for these games next year.


Am I supposed to pretend to be upset that the crowd was over half Cubs fans? Heck, several times at Wrigley Field, it sounded like the Brewers fans were in the majority, as it was a Brewers rout. And, as Bud Selig pointed out, it sounded like 10-15K of the crowd at Yankees stadium today was BOS fans.


SL, Cubs, and Red Sox fans travel to support their teams. I'm happy to have them, as is every team.

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I welcome the Cubs' fans and their cash.


Amen to that. One common factor between Brewers & Cubs fans is the amount of food they eat & the amount of beer they drink. While selling the stadium out is huge, that concession money may be even bigger. Doug Melvin might just pick up Glendon Rusch's option after this weekend http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif .


But it does hurt emotionally to have so many Cub fans make the trip up vs. the amount of Brewer fans out at the park. I haven't made it, but I heard Friday it was 50/50, how was tonight's game? I was caught in traffic both before & after the game, and if you live in or around Milwaukee you know there simply aren't traffic jams that bad even during rush hour on a Friday afternoon. That's the worst part of Chicago, that & the tolls. At least those didn't come north for the weekend http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif .

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You guys are totally right... but I hate Cubs fans. And I hate the Cubs. And I hope they collapse down the stretch and don't make the playoffs for another millennium.


But yeah... I'll take their money. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif



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It's easy to sit back and say that you welcome the Cubs fans cash if you don't attend one of the Cubs/Brewers Miller Park games. However, once you do, pure emotion takes over. I know, because I used to think that way, and then last night I attended my first Cubs/Brewers Milwaukee game.


There were about 7 Brewers fans in our section.

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Brian, I was at Friday nights game, there was, I think maybe 3 other Brewer fans in my section. It was sickening, it hurt, but you can't just sit there and cry about it.


Cub fans are fools. Lofton gets an infield single to lead off the game. Every moron in there acted like they just won the World Series. I just laughed. Sosa had a high pop up to medium RF and again all the idiots thought it was gone, so I got up and sarcastically said, "Wow, where is that one gonna land? He really got all of that one!"


I just played around with them and tried to enjoy the game as much as possible. Cub fans ARE worse than White Sox fans. When the Sox are no good, the Sox fans know that's true. Cub fans always think they are about to win the division. They're delusional.

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor

I went to a Cubs/Brewers game in Wrigley last year, and I honestly had a blast. We were all wearing Brewers hats/shirts/whatever, so we announced our allegiance immediately. The people right all around us were great, not what we expected at all. In fact the guy right in front seemed really knowledgable of all the Brewers players, and said he had gone to the game specifically to see Sheets pitch. There was a lot of friendly bantering going on, but it was all pretty much in fun.


I'm sure it's different when they're in their own place, as you're more comfortable and so on, but it was a good time.


Then, I go to a Cubs/Brewers game later last year, surrounded by Cub fans, and it was miserable. They were bombastic, insulting, and made it hard to enjoy the game. Maybe it was just a bunch of jerks. Who knows.

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Don't get me wrong, I really, really hate Cub fans & everything that has to do with them. I was at one of the games earlier this year when NO Brewer fans were showing up. At least game 1 as I said before reportedly was split 50/50.


And I also agree with NDOG, you gotta make the most of it. Don't LET them ruin your experience at the ballpark.

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