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Hey Ned, I'm Not Enjoying The Ride


First off, I'm a glass is "half full" kind of person so most of my life I'm pretty optimistic.


This time though I've had enough and the radio and TV will be off. There's plenty of baseball left, but does anyone here think we can honestly play over .500 the rest of the year?


Ned needs to light a fire with all the "gamers and scrappers" he trots out there everyday. Who exactly is the leader of this team from the player side? Whoever that is (or whoever wants that role), step forward now! It seems like the players are quietly looking at each other and hoping someone will ingite a rally. It may happen, but we're pretty young and this years good and bad should help in the future, right?


Oh, and thanks again to a certain "ace" who again is watching the debacle from the sidelines.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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