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How can the Brewers let the Cubs in this thing?


I understand that it is a long season, and I get that there are over 50 games left. But after being bored, I decided to go on youtube. How can we let the Cubs into this thing. I know that there are some good and knowledgable cubs fans, like over at NSBB, but how can we let these idiots into playoff baseball. They will probably make fun of this thread over there. But handing this lead over to them has really ticked me off. Their fans tried to attack Howry after he blew a save, they throw trash and garbage onto the field weather they hit a homer, or a call is bad. Alot of them are more interested in beer than they are in .OPS, I just shake my head in dissapointment and am glad that I am a Brewers fan. Every team has their fair share of drunks and idiots, but not many teams have fans that are proud of it.





If you read some of the comments, it just makes me even more mad. Come on Prince, and Billy, Yovani anchor that rotation, Ryan, crush the ball, we need to beat these losers. We can't let them have it, it is a shame that people with that low of behavior and intelligence might get to cheer for a division winner, and if they win, imagine all the crap at Miller Park next year.


If you are a Cubs fan reading this, than most likely you are not one of the idiots that ruins this game, the people over there at NSBB are "real fans" I just don't want to hear it from all the losers, go Brewers, get it done.

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