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Blue Oglivie & Blue Simmons mini bobbles for trade


I have two powder blue Ben Oglivie bobbles and one blue Ted Simmons for trade... I also have a blue Jim Gantner (out of the box) that I would trade for a pinstripe Gantner and another of the mini-bobbles. I don't need the powder blue ones as much as I am trying to collect the entire set for my son to display.


Looking for:

-2007 Prince Fielder bobble

-2007 Don Sutton mini

-2007 Gorman Thomas mini

-2007 Charlie Moore mini

-Upcoming Harvey Kuenn mini

-Upcoming Don Money mini

-Rollie Fingers bobble


If anyone wants to make a swap PM me and we'll set up an arrangement. I live in Milwaukee so an in person swap is certainly doable.



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Sorry my message box isn't working. Would you take an 06 white Turnbow or an 06 (full size) Cecil Cooper pinstripe for the blue Ben Oglivie?


I do have an extra Prince and an extra Rollie, but I made deals with other people. I have not heard back from them though, so if they don't get back to me soon I could swing those too.

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