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Madison at Milwaukee game status


I've been checking into fields for us to play at and unfortunately, with the latest MMSD fiasco of poisoning all the MPS parks with PCB laden fertilizers, obtaining a field is very difficult right now. All available fields seem to be reserved or taken over for Municipal League games both softball and baseball.

Unfortunately it appears as though our best chance at a field is going to be mid or late September.

If you are all still interested please let me know and I would be happy to set up a reservation. At this time though, I'm hesitant to schedule anything because we had originally wanted to do an August game. This won't be happening in the Milwaukee area.

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We could always find a field just outside of Milwaukee too.


Also, if we are doing this in Aug. I can't make it on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. The Radman can't make those dates as well. We have a softball tournament that weekend. Hopefully it doesn't end up on that weekend.

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I called the Waukesha Parks Department and Saratoga is booked through the 18th with a tournament.


I talked to the guy who runs the Brookfield department and he suggested Krueger Park. It has two fenced in fields and lots of other open space. It would be first come, first serve. He wouldn't take a reservation for a non-Brookfield team, but their leagues are done for the summer anyhow.

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