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A League of their Own


The other day I was riding around my hometown with my bike and passed the old park where the Racine Belles of the AAGBPL played their games. I am surprised the place is still operating and now half of the area is occupied by the Racine Raiders minor league football team and the field is still intact and plays host to the Land O Lakes Racine Kiwanis team. Does anyone have any relatives or know anyone who once played or was involved with the All-Americans Girls Pro Baseball League?

I never even realized this, but the Detroit Lions were once the Racine Legion and played its games at Horlick Field in Racine. This website states that the Packers and Bears played there.

Here is a pic of the original Horlick Field, the only one I could find online:


The place has changed. One of the foul pole markers still remains, but sits on the football side of the stadium now and then the Press Box remains but is never used.



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Sorry to go off-topic, I know this thread isn't about the movie, but I gotta say that A League of Their Own is easily my all-time favorite baseball movie. (#2 being The Sandlot ... anything else is a distant third.) To stay on topic, I think I would really enjoy checking out that field for the historical aspects. Looks neat! That maple tree must've made for some tough plays in left.
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This may also be off topic a bit, but I think it's interesting. A few years ago, I spent a couple of weeks in a nursing home while recovering from a bad motorcycle crash. I'm only in my 40's, but I was too busted up to go home.


One day, the wife of one of my new-found elderly friends shows up wearing a jacket with the "All American Girls..." logo on it. I asked if she had played in the league, and she said she had been a pitcher. I asked her how accurate the movie was, and she said "extremely." On her next visit, she brought me her baseball card and even signed it for me.


Sadly, my ex-wife snatched it when she left and I can't even remember the lady's name. It's tough getting old.

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