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Let's face it - its over for this team. What's next in '07?


Since my last post got locked out because of an error on my part, lets try this again...


In what appears to be another blown victory today for this team, and the Cubs now just one more win away from taking over 1st place, I think its now time to consider what direction this team goes for the rest of 2007.


- Is Ned Yost really the manager this club wants in 2008 and beyond? I feel that because this team is young enough and has not peaked yet, after this season is the pefect time to rid Milwaukee of this manager who, while no doubt being a fine "people-person" and manager of personalities, is at best a below-average baseball manager who consistently makes poor after poor in-game decisions.


- The closer situation. If it is decided if Cordero wont return for '08, the Brewers need to start looking at possible candidates in this role...perhaps Villy, Linebrink (if he is offered arby or is re-signed), perhaps even the newly acquired McClung.


- Is Rickie Weeks the future of this club at second base, or is it time to at least look at alternatives? Sure, the wrist may be bothering him to some extent, but his complete lack of focus at the plate this year has to be cause for concern.


- Its time for a complete overhaul of our bullpen, especially middle relief. Turnbow continues to be untrustworthy, Wise is inconsistent...its clear that our bullpen needs to improve to be a true contender in '08.


Its time to make serious thoughts about the future, folks. In what directions do we go for next year?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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