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Wily Mo Pena to Nationals


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I don't know, but I've liked Pena for awhile -- I know he has struggled with being consistent. It'll be interesting to see what it actually turns out to be. I would've like the Brewers to go after him, but obviously we're trying to unload OFs if possible at this point and not acquire them at the MLB level.
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Young cleared waivers because he just signed a fat extension that has him making like $5 million a year until 2010. Here's a list of players who have passed through waivers, much of the info coming from Jayson Stark: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2007/08/players-who-hav.html


Pat Burrell - $13MM in '07, $14MM in '08, full no-trade clause

Jeff Conine - $2MM in '07

Jose Contreras - $9MM in '07, $10MM in '08, $10MM in '09

Kyle Farnsworth - $5.25MM in '07, $5.5MM in '08

Troy Glaus - $10.75MM in '07, $12.75MM in '08, $11.25MM player option in '09, full no-trade clause

Jason Lane - $1.05MM in '07

Mike Piazza - $8.5MM in '07

Wily Mo Pena - $1.875MM in '07

Odalis Perez - $7.75MM in '07, $9MM club option in '08 with $1.5MM buyout (Dodgers paying a portion)

Sammy Sosa - $0.5MM + a possible $2.2MM in playing time incentives

Josh Towers - $2.9MM in '07

Steve Trachsel - $3MM in '07, $4.75MM club option for '08

Jack Wilson - $5.25MM in '07, $6.5MM in '08, $7.25MM in '09, $8.4MM club option in '10 with $0.6MM buyout

Omar Vizquel - $4MM in '07

David Wells - $3MM in '07

Dmitri Young - $5MM in '08, $5MM in '09, $6MM option in '10 that may vest based on plate appearances


Not exactly a sexy list.

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aracko, I believe the main restriction applicable to PTBNLs is that the player has to be eventually going to a team in a different league.


Keep in mind that waivers are intended to be secret and that any lists 'leaked' to the press are bound to contain inaccuracies. Also note that GMs try to get as many players through waivers as possible in order to give them maximum flexibility in case a possible deal comes up. Additionally, placing a lot of players on waivers at one time will decrease the chances of other teams making claims.

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