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Can Rickie bunt?


Is Rickie a bad bunter?

He hasn't hit a home run since April I believe - but he never tries to bunt.

At yesterdays game, the 3B was 10 feet behind the bag while playing against Weeks at every at bat. With Weeks' speed, you don't even need a great bunt to get on base with that positioning. In addition, if he can start to lay down a few bunts for base hits - it might open a few holes for him in the infield to drive the ball through.

Let face it, Weeks has been having a horrible year. He isn't hitting the ball really well. And he has lost all power at this point. If he could at least bunt for a hit and be a threat to steal he would be significantly more valueable to this team than just hacking on every at bat.


If he is a bad bunter - I hope he plans on working on that during the off season.

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I don't think Weeks was trying to lay down the bunt, I think he was faking to draw the 3B in. However, when you never actually bunt the ball, it doesn't draw him in. And yes Weeks can not bunt. He has shown trouble in the past laying down a sacrafice bunt.


This thread reminds me of the Can Bill Hall pitch, except the opposite.

The poster previously known as Robin19, now @RFCoder

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