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The Brewers went to the post-season, here is what occurred in 1982, courtesy of VH1's I love the 80's:


Pop Culture:

- March of 1982 brings us new television company called Home Box Office (HBO).

- E.T. tops the box office with $310 million in ticket sales.

- Late Night with David Letterman premieres in February.

- Valley Girls take the year by storm and provides a language all its own.

- Yale University announces it will offer a 14-week course on mastering the Rubik's cube.

- Atari introduces home version of Pac Man.

- First issue of USA Today hits the newsstands.

- Rocky III hits the theaters and gives rock band Survivor their only hit with "Eye Of The Tiger"

- Tylenol scare kills 7 people, spawning childproof bottles.

- Ozzy bites the head off a bat in January.

- The New York Times calls Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's "The Message" "the most powerful pop record of the year."

- John Belushi found dead from drug overdose.

- St. Elsewhere debuts, giving Denzel Washington his acting start.

- Fast Times At Ridgemont High gives us such future celebs as Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Forest Whitaker, Nicholas Cage and Phoebe Cates.

- Gandhi wins Oscar for best picture.

- Hello: Legwarmers & Clam Diggers - Goodbye: Sergio Valente jeans and Disco.

- 22 million Trivial Pursuit games were sold in 1982.

- The show Joanie Loves Chachi makes a quick lived run on air.

- President Reagan declares his "War On Drugs".

- "They're Heeeeeere!"... Notable films of 1982: Pink Floyd The Wall, An Officer And A Gentleman, Tootsie, 48 Hrs., Diner, and Poltergeist.


Local Sports:

- The Green Bay Packers went 5-3-1 in a strike shortened 1982 season, which allowed them to claim the NFC Central Title over the Minnesota Vikings.

- The Packers' coach was Bart Starr and his Quarterback-Wide Receiver combo was Lynn Dickey to James Lofton with Eddie Lee Ivery leading the way in rushing yardage.

- The Milwaukee Bucks finished with a 51-31 record under Don Nelson and won the NBA Central Division. The leading scorer for the Bucks was Sidney Moncrief. Harvey Catchings was on the team, and now his daughter Tamika plays in the WNBA. The Bucks lost in the Conference Finals to the Philadelphia 76ers.

- The Packers' first-round pick in 1982 was tackle Ron Hallstrom.

- Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder were not born yet.

- Rickie Weeks was born in September and JJ Hardy was born in August of 1982.


State Facts:

- Lee S. Dreyfus served as Governor from 1979-1983 with four more Governors holding office at the Capital after his term ended.

- The Interstate Highway system is less than 30 years old in Wisconsin.

- State unemployment was at its highest since the Great Depression.


Other sports:

- Barry Bonds was 18 years old, just three years away from being drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

- There were just 26 teams in Major League Baseball with the Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays in their sixth year of existence. The Blue Jays played its games at Exhibition Stadium.

- Super Bowl 17 was played in Pasadena, Home of the Rose Bowl. Super Bowl MVP John Riggins and the Washington Redskins defeated the Miami Dolphins 27-17.


1992 facts, the Brewers' last winning season:

- Mike Tyson goes to jail following rape allegation

- Bill Clinton campaigns as President

- Ric Flair becomes WWF Champion

- Howard Cosell retires from broadcasting

- Barry Bonds signs a then-highest contract ever ($4.7 million per year)

- Rodney King scandal in LA

- Milwaukee gets put on the map after the emergence of Jeffrey Dahmer

- The Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies begin selling tickets for their 1993 inaugural seasons

- Johnny Carson steps down as the host of the Tonight Show, paving the way for Jay Leno.

- Growing Pains and Who's the Boss goes off the air

- Brewers defeat the Toronto Blue Jays 22-2 with a still-record 31 hits.

- The 1992 Barcelona Olympic games begins with a Reebok marketing ploy of "Dan and Dave." Dave doesn't even make the Olympics.

- In the Olympics, the Dream Team debuts and wins the Basketball Gold Medal

- Robin Yount collects 3,000th hit

- Mark Rypien wins the MVP for the Washington Redskins as they defeated the Buffalo Bills.

- Packers' first round pick was Terrell Buckley out of Florida State.

- Howard Stern kicks' off his radio show, with several stations across the nation picking up his radio show.

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At any rate, not all has changed...my Mom carried me up to bed crying the night the '82 season ended, and I felt a lump in my throat walking out of AT&T Park on Sunday afternoon. Apparently the Brewers still make me want to cry. http://static.yuku.com//domainskins/bypass/img/smileys/frown.gif
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