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Scouting Reports?

Does anyone know where I can find, on the internet, free scouting reports of High school prospects and/or college prospects? I have looked a little bit and I see a couple sites where you have to pay to get the information I am just curious if there is a free site that has the scouting reports. If not which is the best site to get scouting reports if you have to pay for them?
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Not to toot my own horn, as I know there is one person out there who would disagree with me, but there really isn't a good place to find scouting reports and a lot of other information for free other than right here at Brewerfan.net. For instance, here is the default link to last year's coverage:




I haven't entered any scouting reports for next year, as I typically don't start doing that until the fall.


If you want to pay for coverage, Baseball America has been around forever and clearly have the edge when it comes to talking about prospects. While they are currently releasing their top prospects from all of the summer leagues, their draft-related info is typically light between now and January when they publish their early draft preview.


PGCrosschecker, another site that I work for, has year-round coverage, more scouting reports on more players and deeper top prospect lists at both the college and high school levels. I can't really comment on which is better than the other, because I am clearly biased, but I can tell you that PGCrosschecker's scouting reports are assembled from the scouts that work for Perfect Game USA as opposed to the writers that compile information provided to them at Baseball America (although I do admire Alan Matthews work as both a writer and as a talent evaluator).


Personally, I would suggest that you hold off a couple of months. Right now isn't an ideal time for getting 2008 draft info, unless you have a lot more resources at your disposal. If you have questions on any players in particular, I'll do my best to answer them here.

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First of all, read this thread (the summer talent thread as mentioned above) and follow the links that are added if you haven't already:




Here are the notes I took down for Melville and Meyer, two of the pitchers that I was particularly impressed with at the Aflac All-American Classic:


Tim Melville


My comments from my Aflac impressions column as linked in the link provided above:

Melville reminded me of Nick Adenhart from the 2003 Aflac All-American Classic in that he made it pretty clear pretty early that he knew what he was doing on the mound. A very sound baseball player who didn't showcase any one absolutely unhittable pitch, but offered one of the better overall packages of anyone in attendance. He carved up the East lineup in order in his only inning of work, the first inning, and then impressed me with the way he handled the bat, ripping an RBI single through the hole on the right side of the infield in the sixth and driving a ball to deep left-center field in the eighth that allowed a runner to advance to third. Melville is one of those guys that just seems to get it, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him fly through the minor leagues when that opportunity is presented to him.


My notes of watching Melville in the game:

As a pitcher: Tall, high waist, angular delivery, slow wind, fast arm. Good curveball, mid-70s, 92-93 fastball. Keeps ball down. Clean delivery, impressive, worked 1-2-3 inning.


As a hitter: Ripped RBI single through hole on right side of the infield. Great situational hitting with a man on base going the other way to take advantage of infielder covering second with runner on. Flyout to LCF to advance baserunner from second base to third in his second AB, another good situational AB.


Scouting report from PG National:




Alex Meyer


My comments from my Aflac impressions column as linked in the link provided above:

A very big boy, Meyer has the stuff to match his intimidating presence on the mound. He has a dominating fastball that should be able to sit in the low to mid-90s that shows pretty good late life deep in the strike zone. His slider is an equally dominant and powerful pitch, as he uncorked a few unhittable ones, and they got significantly better the more he threw them. He started a little on the wild side, similar to Jungmann, but looked very impressive after he settled down. He also did a nice job keeping the ball down in the zone, and in my opinion, offered the best fastball-breaking ball combo outside of Aaron Hicks.


My notes of watching Meyer in the game:

Very tall, projectable frame. Athletic, great body. Fastball shows good life. Great slider vs. Beckham. Very good curveball, good life, knows how to use it, should get better. Slider keeps getting better each times he throws it. Looked very good after settling down.


Scouting report from PG National:



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