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Carlos Hereaud?

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I'm glad you asked, because he was my favorite draftee from the 05' class from watching film, but I had completely forgotten about him. I'll go out on a limb and predict that he's in High A by the end of the year and a top 20 or better Brewer prospect. He has a quick compact stroke if I remember right, with a stocky build to generate power with that style, but he carries his weight very well in the field and on the bases. Slick player.
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thanks for the updates. I am actually a Houston Cougar fan (which is the school he signed with prior to getting drafted) and was curious as to what happened to him. I hadn't seen anything on him since he signed.


I think he did balk at one time, and thought about going JUCO for a year, but something (Visa related??) kept him from doing that so he stuck with the Brewers.


I thought he was a really good prospect coming out of school, I wonder how much/if any, sitting out the last couple years has @#%$ his development. Also if I remember correctly there was some questions on his actual age.

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