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Should the Brewers target Lowell?

Given the ARod situation, what becomes of 3B free agents in the offseason is up in the air. However, Lowell's bat matches most OFers the Brewers could look at and his defense is fairly good. All indications are that the Red Sox are letting him go. The big issues are his age and his cost, mostly in how many years it would take to sign him.
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You beat me to it end. Sam's suggesiton of going after Kearns (and possibly Cordero) made me think of a scenario in which Billy Hall was dealt, possibly to acquire Kearns and/or Cordero, as he could very well be one of the better trading chips the Brewers have, and acquiring Lowell to allow Braun to move to LF and Hart to CF. The team's on-base abilities and overall defense immediately improves with that series of moves.


Of course acquiring Lowell doesn't require that Hall be dealt, as it may just be easier to sign the free agent and move Braun to left, but that at least is what popped in my head earlier this afternoon.


I agree, the years and money involved will be a big factor, but isn't he around 33? Not a spring chicken, but not ancient either, and he has stayed pretty healthy throughout his career.

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Lowell will 34 in February, meaning a 4 year deal would be a killer with a 2 year deal being ideal. As for Lowell having another bad year, yeah it could happen, but he's actually been very good outside of 2005.


OPS by year:

2000 818

2001 789

2002 816

2003 881

2004 870

2005 658

2006 814

2007 879


I wouldn't expect him to repeat his 2007 but to be around his career numbers of .280/.344/.468. Basically a non-platoon Koskie.

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I think the only scenario that Boston lets Lowell get away is if they somehow end up with Alex Rodriguez. Lowell's just the kind of guy that Boston fans love, and I think he'll be playing in Boston until he retires, but maybe that's just me. It's definitely an interesting idea, though.

"[baseball]'s a stupid game sometimes." -- Ryan Braun


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It's very unlikely that the Brewers would be willing to move Braun away from third base at this point in his career. I'm not saying they shouldn't move him to an outfield spot (does he have the arm to play RF?), but that the Brewers would be easier served leaving him where he is and getting a corner OF like Kearns or Ibanez.
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