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The Things that have you Excited

I was just wondering what you have been most excited so far in April, like players and stuff.


Braun going off has been great but we knew it was coming and right now I am very excited to see Manny Parra finally pitching healthy and dominating again. Inman, Gallardo,Dillard all the brewers big pitchers have looked good.


The Return of Caption Lou also has me happy and hope he can keep going.


Brad Nelson hitting well?? Im still in shock and as soon as im not in shock anymore he will prob drop again, haha


Luis Ramirez still looking great, and Zach Baddock showing some protential

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I've been shocked by the offensive outbursts by Steve Moss, Lou Palmisano, and Brad Nelson. I've been shocked how badly Mike Jones' numbers have been. This is his 4th year in the Southern League. With him out of options, I'd like to see him shifted to the bullpen by June 1st to prepare him for a possible callup to Milwaukee in September as an audition for 2008.


I've also been surprised with Brantley hitting 5th a lot, although he's one of the guys I was excited about entering the year. In general the pitching has been fantastic.

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Brad Nelson's offense has me cautiously optimistic. It appears that they're hiding him from LHP (4 ABs), which I'm not sure they've done in the past. If anything, it'd be nice to get some value for Brad in a trade, as he doesn't seem to have a role on the big club as a LH 1B or LF.


Moss off to a decent start, but I'd like to see him press his way to AAA, in order to make room for Ford to get to BC. Of course, Gillespie and Fermaint aren't forcing the issue in the early part of the season, but here's hoping they do. Captain Lou is a definite bright spot and I'm keeping my eye on Yohannis Perez.


It's good to see all of the injury guys throwing: Jones, Harper, Narron, Parra, Perkins--even if to varying degrees of success. Ben Stanczyk is having another mostly unnoticed string of success (perhaps even dominance). Alcides again putting up solid numbers; hopefully Perez regains enough of his Cuban form by mid-June to give Escobar a taste of the Southern League.


The Power staff has been surprisingly successful early on, too (sans Mercedes). As DHonks mentioned, Brantley hitting 5th is interesting and his DHing is testament to the incredibly fast and defensively-gifted outfield. Perhaps the pitching success has something to do with Brantley-Ford-Chapman shagging fly balls.


Here's hoping Cain and Gillespie and Katin catch fire soon, too. The latter two have had some promising games in the last week.

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Is it weird that I'm excited about the Hinton/Thatcher bullpen duo in Huntsville?


Those two guys are showing a lot of promise. They give me hope that they'll be able to contribute in the Brewers bullpen within the next couple years.

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