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Nashville Trip


I just want to cross-check the possible starters for Nashville for my trip a week from tomorrow based on the early returns.


4/13: R.A. Dickey

4/14: Chris Oxspring

4/15: Yo!

4/16: ZachJack

4/17: Dillard

4/18: Dickey

4/19: Oxspring

4/20: Yo!

4/21: ZachJack

4/22: Dillard


The games in bold are the games scheduled to be in Nashville while I'm in town, games against the Iowa Cubs. I realize the weather may have something to say about who starts when and where, but I'm just looking for confirmation of this loose 10-day outlook.


Thanks in adance.


For what it's worth, the game on Sunday, April 22nd is the game I intend on being at, so I'm either hoping for Dillard (who I haven't seen pitch, ever) or that there are two rainouts to get the chance to see Yo.


I'll be checking out Vanderbilt host Tennessee on Friday and Saturday, and any Nashville tips are greatly appreciated.


For the I-Cubs I looked forward to watching Felix Pie, Eric Patterson and my 2002 draft fave Scott Moore.

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I was just in Nashville, didn't see the park but did get a nice tour of the downtown area. We had a blast, it seemed to me that there are two areas, the downtown and Music Row, but there was more live music downtown than on Music Row. Either way it was fun, we went to The Stage which is a giant honkey-tonk bar that seems to always have live music and Coyote Ugly where the drinks are over-priced but good looking girls are always dancing on the bar. Overall I thought the city was great and now that Sounds are playing I am sure it is even better.
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