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  • TRADE: Brewers Acquire Mark Canha from New York Mets

    Matthew Trueblood

    Pouncing on the market for right-handed bats before it could dry up, the Brewers have landed Mets outfielder Mark Canha. Lots more to come on this deal.

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    Will Sammon broke the news of the Brewers' second big move of trade deadline season. 

    Andy Martino, a Mets beat reporter, was first on the return.

    We've already dug into Mark Canha as a target for this team, because he makes sense in myriad ways. Canha is a better athlete than true defensive presence, and he lacks the power of which one dreams when drawing up an ideal corner outfielder, but he's always had very good on-base skills, and he fits nicely into the Brewers' roster puzzle. 

    In Justin Jarvis, the Brewers disgorged some of their pitching depth at the upper levels, but they're in good position to deal from that area of strength. Jarvis was 19th in our latest ranking of Brewers prospects, which is about the caliber of prospect one should expect to surrender for a valuable role player on an expiring deal.

    Canha keeps the team sounding the same notes they played by acquiring Carlos Santana late last week. They clearly preferred to shore up and secure the lineup's OBP, rather than chase power upside. Canha (as all favored Brewers acquisitions must) has reverse platoon splits for his career, but he's a consistently average-plus hitter against lefties, too. He'll take over some designated hitter duties, and probably some time in right field, where he could be placed in a rough platoon with Sal Frelick.

    This figures to be the last move to improve the Brewers' lineup. Their position players, then, look like this:

    That's more hitters than the roster will hold. Someone will soon be headed out to Nashville, even before accounting for players who might soon return from injury. Nonetheless, this now seems like a higher-floor, more consistently dangerous offense, and that's a good thing.

    The Mets are paying nearly all of Canha's remaining salary for the year, leaving the Brewers some flexibility for additions to the pitching staff if the opportunity arises. Presumably, that was how they got Matt Arnold to surrender Jarvis.

    One key to this addition is Canha's ability to put the ball in play, and to work the count. Though it represents a small improvement over the last month or so, the Brewers still have the sixth-highest strikeout rate in MLB, at 24.6 percent as a team. That begets a certain dysfunction, and bringing in Canha (who is striking out less than 18 percent of the time, for the second year in a row) addresses that deficiency. He manages to get the ball in play while still walking over 10 percent of the time, though, making him a good fit for the league's third-leading walk drawers--and perhaps the organization with the most systematically patient approach.

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    That's your upgrade over Taylor.

    Jarvis stings a little, but a lower ceiling than other pitchers. Means a Houser extension could happen, which is not the worst thing.

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    I watched Jarvis pitch against Cedar Rapids a couple of times when he was with the Timber Rattlers.  He seemed to do well when his breaking stuff was working but he gave up allot of long balls when he was behind in the count.  I thought he was moving up through the system pretty fast but the Covid year really seemed to set him back.  I'm sad to see him go as he was one of the prospects that I followed closely but I also thought that Canha would be a good fit with the Brewers before he signed with the Mets.  If he helps to get us into the playoffs, I can deal with it.  

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    I'll pine over the lost opportunity of acquiring Jimenez when I know what it would've taken to seal the deal, and if I would've been OK with the cost. Pretty safe to say we'll never have the answer.

    Jarvis had a rough start to his AAA odyssey, but not a depth of AA-AAA arms who seem to have a chance. So I would've liked for the cost to be a smidge less. Brewers4eric echoes my thoughts---if he produces like he's capable of & helps get them to October, OK.

    CC said something interesting postgame--Canha can play RF, with Frelick sometimes moving to CF. That tells me we may see Joey primarily vs LHP from here out, unless Canha settles into DH a healthy % of the time.

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