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4-18: 7:15 Team 2 (TBA) v.s. S.O.B. (TBA) - Positions added


I figure I'd start the game thread to get get things going a little. Maybe do a roll call to see who's making it or who's not for the first game seeing it's next week.


1. Radman12484 - P

2. bball123h - 1B

3. Crazyk - LF

4. bball123h's brother - RCF/RF

5. friend of bball123h - RF/C

6. Houlie24x - LCF

7. BrewCrew2021

8. Valpo - 2B

9. Gypcasino - RF/C?

10. lcbj68c - SS/3B

11. Happy Youngster - SS/3B

12. Gauntlet21

Note: Game time has been moved up to 7:15.


EDIT: I have included possible positions. Thoughts?


Also, Nick, I have you at SS/3B as well, but forgot your screen name.


EDIT DOS: Please come early to the game (6:30 or so) so we can fill out player cards.

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I wont turn this into a thread detailing my trip, but yeah, having never been to NYC, I took the John Rocker 7 train and was absolutely blown away at the garbage and grafitti and bums and homeless and minorities playing music for money. Sure, there were a good share of good people and I'll post a bigger thread in the off-topic perhaps detailing the experience, but I was generally unimpressed.
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Nick was Happy. If he's down with playing 3B, and lcbj68c (Luke?) is okay with SS, that sounds good to me. I've wanted to move over from SS/3B and get some time at 2B since our first season in 2006 -- I think it's actually a better fit for me.
"We all know he is going to be a flaming pile of Suppan by that time." -fondybrewfan
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I'm cool with the move to SS. I've spent the past 4 years playing mostly 2b and pitcher when they made me. I'll enjoy the move. I was impressed with Nick at 3B and think we'll make a solid left side of the infield. Valpo, we can do some DP work up the middle if you get the time, and that goes for anybody else who ever wants to get in some quick practice. I've got a bag of about 50 balls and am used to just going out and hitting, some times just two of us in Florida. Hit me up on the cell anytime when the sun shines. PM me for the number! Luke
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