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Moving van Question

Big Reed

is there a cars.com or progressive insurance type of site to compare the prices of different moving van companies? a lot of moving companies in their advertisements will say they offer free quotations. but i would hate to tell one moving van after he came 60-75 miles to our house, that i'm going to ask another company for their free quote as well. it's not like we live in a city. we live in the country in the middle of nowhere.


i was just wondering if there was a site that compared Allied to United or mayflower and the rest? We have about 25,000 lbs of furniture and stuff. A U haul is not going to do the job. and my back doesn't want to do it either. This will be our first move where we will have to pay for the move and select the mover. In the past, the governement did all of it for us for free. We were spoiled.


Anybody know how much packing and moving 25,000 pounds across the state of illinois is going to cost us? aprox 280 miles.

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rent.com has a decent system for comparing moving companies and so does msn.com if you click on the real estate link I believe. I had decent luck using the rent.com one when moving from Cleveland to Milwaukee. Word of warning, it's really nice to have them do it for you but it is not cheap
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