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5/15/08 Dodgers (Billingsley) at Brewers (Sheets): 12:05 PM CDT


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Both the roof and panels are closed. They had the panels open for a portion of BP, and it was chilly near the field. Guess we really will have to wait till nearly June until we get one game with the roof open. Crazy.
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Here's the lineup for today. Cameron and Hall sit for Gwynn and Dillon. Interesting lineup.


R. Weeks 2b

J.J. Hardy ss

R. Braun lf

P. Fielder 1b

C. Hart rf

J. Dillon 3b

T. Gwynn cf

B. Sheets p

J. Kendall c

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Well Hardy, you are getting your chance to not hit in front of the pitcher. Take advantage of it. However I still think you are not one of the top 6 hitters on the team and you should be batting 7th or 8th.


Weeks needs a 3-for-4 day with a walk. The team needs him in the leadoff spot doing well, I don't like any of the other options there. Hart is too valuable in the 5 spot and would leave a gaping hole behind Prince if they moved him to leadoff.

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I know Ben has had good luck with Kendall, but this is starting to get ridiculous. The guy is going to be gassed by July. Patience needed today, therefore no Hall. Dillon should be good for 2 walks. Cameron needs a day off?
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Wow Russell Marting playing 3B today with DeWitt scratched last minute.

Has Martin ever played 3B in a game before?


Actually this is his 5th game there and 3rd start. All this season. I knew that he had filled in there once at the end of a game, but didn't think he had started there before.


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