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The 1901 Milwaukee Brewers


Just for fun.... did everyone know the Milwaukee Brewers were originally born in the American League long before the Seattle Pilots moved to Milwaukee? Although plans were already in the works the first season to move the franchise, they played their first season at Lloyd Street Grounds in Milwaukee and were known as the Milwaukee Brewers.


They moved to St. Louis the following year, then finally to Baltimore over 50 years later. So your modern day Baltimore Orioles were born as the Milwaukee Brewers 107 years ago.


The team itself? Oh, they were pretty bad -- 48-89 in their only year. The stud of the lineup appeared to be first baseman John Anderson, who boasted a .330 average and .476 slugging percentage, along with 35 stolen bases. Ace Ned Garvin set the bar for bad run support long before Sheets was born, posting a 3.46 ERA and by far leading the team in strikeouts, but still finishing with a 7-20 record as a starter.


The 1901 Brewers were managed by Hugh Duffy, who was one of the greatest players of the pre-modern era and is now in the Hall of Fame.

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Besides the Brewers, a number of original American League teams moved. The intent was to compete with the National League by placing teams in National League cities.

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

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Slightly ironic that the 'original' Milwaukee Brewers played just one season before moving... then the Pilots log all of one season in Seattle before heading to Milwaukee.
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