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3/27/07 Athletics (Kennedy) @ Brewers (Bush): 3:05 PM CST


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wOOgiE22 is unbelievable!


Anyway, check this out as well from the Sounds' site:




So you can listen to Chuck Valenches' take on the game (he goes solo) via the link above or at 7:00 Central tonight for the tape delay version at this link:




I tuned in to Chuck last night (unfortunately, it was just after the Brewers' big seven-run inning), and he did a great job.


I think you'll enjoy him today for a change of pace, although the "regular" Brewer webcast may also be available today.

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Weeks, 2B

Hardy, SS

Fielder, 1B

Hall, CF

Estrada, C

Mench, LF

Hart, RF

Counsell, 3B

Bush, P


Switch out Jenkins for Mench, and I think this is the most likely Opening Day lineup (Sheets for Bush, of course). If Ned doesn't go straight platoon, then I think Graffy will be in there against Lowe.

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