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3/25/07 Brewers (Suppan) @ Royals (Greinke): 3:05 PM CST


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The tornado watch is northwest of Madison, so it's not by you, billyhallfan.


I too have noticed and am disappointed by the apparent departure of the intro music on the Brewers Radio Network. Its cheesy genericness had finally grown on me, and now it's gone. Did those 'studio musicians' start to cost too much? You'd think it would cost more to get the rights to the snippets of the variety of 'real' songs they're playing now.


Between this and the possible demise of the Home Run Inning, the Brewers Radio Network is testing my faith.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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I shouldn't say lackluster so much, from what Bob said after he realized that he had misplayed the ball he made a "half-hearted" jump at the ball and Jenks wound up playing the ball off the wall. My best interpretation from Ueck.
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