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Draft Review

Hey guys, I'm doing a draft review for THT in the upcoming weeks and I recently completed part one, in which I broke down Brett Lawrie, which was a very good pick:




I'm going to be profiling guys up through pick 50, so I'll already be doing Jacob Odorizzi (who I like a lot) and Evan Frederickson (who people say is hitting 94, though he is not showing that in his draft video).


But I'm taking requests for players outside the top-50 and I've already decided to Seth Lintz because I like his overall stuff, but I spot a reason for why his velocity only sits in the high 80's - low 90's and Cutter Dykstra who's swing I don't like because he is overall way to handsy meaning I don't see that power some people are projecting him with.


So if you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them.

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I just want to know who gets an A.

Justin Smoak.

Aaron Crow gets an A-

I noticed a couple comments in other places saying grades are no fun if they all get B's. I had to laugh at that cause I didn't realize Castro was the only guy who didn't garner some type of grade B. Oh well.


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Stosh - big body, mechanics look pretty good, but I don't have the benefit of slowing his motion down on an in-depth level right now. He was only hitting 87 - 89 in his draft video so he is doing something to limit his velocity. Showed good control and a nice little breaking ball


Adams - looks like an athlete, good velocity, he might be an injury risk though I need to look at everything more closely


Lasker - will probably be one of the guys I look at on a more in-depth basis, but he does a funny thing with his arm action that could hurt his control or make him an injury risk


Romanski - nothing special, throws strikes, stuff is decent, left hander, which is always nice


I think Adams and Lasker are pretty intriguing but they may be injury risks. I need to look at them more closely, however.

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Who would you rather have, based entirely on mechanics: Lawrie or Martin?

Very good question. Given Lawrie's versatility, and overall approach, I would probably take Lawrie though I kinda trust Martin more, if that makes sense. The struggles Lawrie endured in some of the summer leagues last year give me some question, but just going off the video I've seen, he looks very good.


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