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8-19-06 Non Brewer IGT


I'm really pissed off. I don't have to work this afternoon, and none of my buddies are around so I was planning on watching some afternoon baseball. So I check JSonline to see what game thier showing in Milwaukee and I see that instead of a big Yankees/Red Sox game, they're showing the steaming pile of crap that is the Cubs vs. Cardinals. Honestly who outside of maybe St.Louis/Chicago wants to see this trash. I'm sick of seeing nothing but the Cubs/Sox/Cards every stinking week. The Cubs are absolutely horrible, the Cards would be under .500 in the AL, and the Sox don't interest me.


Thank god for the PGA Championship....

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Could be worse. Here in the Duluth area, we get some combination of Yankees/Red Sox/White Sox/Mets/Cubs/Cardinals every week.


When people whine about the selections for games on ESPN, I always point them to FOX, which is no better. MLB is incredibly stupid in this regard, even moreso than the NHL.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve since birth. Hopefully, it's my only crime.





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Well, no game gained in the Wild Card, but we managed to gain one on St Louis, pull apart from Houston, and if the Dodgers hang on to their modest lead, jump into a tie with both SF and Colorado in the Wild Card chase. Nice evening.
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