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Miguel Batista to MO?

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Bautista has a rubber arm. He can really help out in any role. 2002-2004 he averaged 190+ innings for the D-Backs and Blue Jays. The Jays used him as a closer in 2005-he saved 31 games. Last year he turned in 206 innings posting an ERA above league average, while pitching in the best hitter's park in the league outside of Colorado.


His career *ERA+ is 103. Pavano's is 100. Jaret Wright is 91. Kris Benson is 101. Capuano's is 104. We can argue over semantics all week long, but a veteran pitcher who never gets injured and has an ERA above league average is far from "mediocre".


For the Royals especially, he'll provide stability and consistency.

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Yeah, I wished on the Miguel Batista star a month or two ago... I guess our counterpart to potentially acquiring him is Vargas.... Oh well, I can't complain about not overpaying, but I sure love MB's durability. Plus his experience & willingness to work in the Pen is SOOO valuable, especially with CV, YoGa, Inman, Rogers, etc. on the way up!
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