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Julio Lugo to Cf?


Well, Lugo is looking for a 4 year deal in the 36 Million dollar range...supposedly, the Cubs are looking at him as a Cfer


couldn't the crew do the same?


he's got a better stick than any of the other options we've seen, and other than a lousy stretch in LA, he hasnt shown regression...plus he's younger by 3 years than roberts...so he'd only be 34 at the end of a 4 year deal...


i'm not necessarily calling for this, just thought he was an interesting name...

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I think people are seriously overvaluing Lugo as an impact player. He's a solid bat and a 760 OPS shortstop is nothing to sneeze at, but Gross could match that in CF and there's even a chance Hardy could match that. 24 SB vs 9 CS isn't really that great and I feel the lack of speed on teh Brewers is severely overblown.
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Yeah let's just keep signing Craig Counsell type free agents.


These numbers would look fine in the leadoff spot. Past 3 years averaged:


.284/.351/.405/.756/8 HR's/56 RBI's/51 BB's/85 K's/28 SB's/8 CS.


Gives us speed at the top of the order and allows us to move Weeks down in the order.

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