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Miguel Cabrera

What would it take for him? I know a lot but if we could lock up a 5 year deal with him, do it. The guy will hit .320+, produce runs, and hit some dingers, and hes YOUNG!

what would it take?


Imagine him playing 3B in the 4th slot.

1) Weeks 2B

2) Hardy SS

3) Fielder 1B

4) Cabrera 3B

5) Hall LF

6) Hart RF

7) CF???

8) Estrada C

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I really, really, honestly think that offering YoGa, Braun/Hall, + Jenkins for him would get this done. In addition, I'd bet he's got at least one year of arbitration left.


Perhaps it'd take a tad more than what I mentioned, but if so, throw in Clark or Gross, and ask for Taylor Tankersley in additon. He's a young LH RP who had a nice 2006.


Here's his stat link:www.thebaseballcube.com/players/T/Taylor-Tankersley.shtml

If my idea is totally asinine, will somebody please tell me? I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!!!


Seriously though, I feel crazy for thinking this idea is as reasonably, objectively do-able as I do. Especially since I think it's crazy good.

Stearns Brewing Co.: Sustainability from farm to plate
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There is no way they would want Jenkins, that would take up half of their payroll. 1st, I don't think the Marlins are even thinking about moving him, unless this is his contract year, I don't know? And if they are it would take 1 of Fielder/Hall/Weeks plus two top prospects like you guys said Braun/Gallardo/Rogers, and then that's still not enough, they are going to demand a lot, he's a good player.
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diomedeh2, first off, were there really two other people who took diomedeh & diomedeh1? Secondly, you rock.


Strawboss -- I don't like what that does to our pitching depth either, but in my lifetime (vol. 1) the Brewers have not had a hitter like Cabrera


He hits for an awesome BA

He Slugs the @#%$ outta the ball

He drives in runs, he scores runs

He draws BBs

He draws way more BBs than he Ks

AND he can play 3B or LF


He's like Hall except with plate discipline. Mmmmmmm, plaaaaayyyyte discipline. *Homer Simpson drooling noise*


p.s. -- BillyHallfan: I am also a huge Hall fan, and I think trading him is nonsense. Except in this case. This is one trade in which I think dealing Hall actually makes sense, even though I hate to admit it. If I have my druthers, whatever those are, I'd do Braun instead. But if FLA would prefer Hall over Braun, I'll fire off another Simpsons quote with "Okiley-dokiley"

Stearns Brewing Co.: Sustainability from farm to plate
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