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Moises Alou

Ok, I'm not generally in favor of signing players who are about to file for social security. But looking at Alou's stats, I was thinking that he could be the best OF option on the market, and due to his age and injury issues last season he might come relatively cheap.


His OPS has been over 900 the last three seasons and even with little decline in production he should be able to dwarf what we would get out of Mench/Jenkins.


While he may no longer be able to play full time, Gross could spell him twice a week vs right handed pitchers (since Gross has proven that he can crush right handed pitching). Also Alou could be a great DH whenever we play any AL teams.


So what would you guys think about us signing him to a one year 9 million dollar contract?



1. Hart

2. Weeks

3. Alou

4. Fielder

5. Hall

6. Koskie

7. Hardy

8. Miller

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