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Don't be afraid to make some moves.


Look, year after year the Brewers disappoint us. We go into

the next season with high hopes on this player or that. We

always expect bigger and better things. Two years ago is

was Sheets. Last year it was Turnbow. This up coming

year it's Hall. Let's add a top starter to the rotation. We

also need to add a power hitter in the OF. I don't care who,

just look into making the changes needed to win.

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jleisher, it's not that anyone is afraid to make moves, it's just that there is no readily discernable move that can answer the Brewers' need for a big-bopper bat. If the choice is giving up too much in return for one player, then the organization has to be wise and excercise patience.


In fact, I think it's unfair to label Melvin & Co. "afraid" to deal. This is just not the reality. Everyone thought the Sexson deal was cashing in our season, when, in reality, it laid the groundwork for the current Brewers resugance.




De La Rosa





led to: Dave Bush, Gabe Gross, Zach Jackson, Graffanino (and his Type A player FA compensatory draft pick), Ohka (Type B pick), not to mention the two players we retained, our starting catcher and #2 (arguably #1) starter!


We'll have to wait to see what Melvin can swing in terms of a trade, because our answer does not appear to be attainable, reasonbly, via free angency. Just don't sell the front office short!

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Actually Big Ben gave a lot of credit for his breakthrough, if I recall correctly. At least that's what I always tell my Cubby buddy when he criticized him. That, and if we could inject influenza into him, the Brews would have a Pujols-clone at catcher.
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