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Brandon McCarthy for Carl Crawford

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That's a good question actually. McCarthy is actually in the majors, which is a big step. Gallardo's not far off though. McCarthy wasn't great last season, but he was in the bullpen. He should have been starting but they stuck with Garcia and Vazquez for a long time to justify their contracts. I guess I'd say Gallardo has more value, but that could also be from my Brewer goggles.
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That's a tough one. I'd also say Gallardo, though I agree that it could be the Brewer goggles speaking.


He should have been starting but they stuck with Garcia and Vazquez for a long time to justify their contracts.


As an aside, Vazquez had the lowest FIP of all the White Sox starters last year. Some people have thrown out trading for one of these, and I'd much rather have Vazquez.



Vazquez - 3.89

Contreras - 4.15

Garland - 4.41

Garcia - 4.64

Buehrle - 5.33

McCarthy - 5.45

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I have wanted Javier Vazquez for a long time, and felt the White Sox got a pretty dang good pitcher when they acquired him last offseason.


As for Gallardo vs. McCarthy, McCarthy's value has got to be higher, as he pitched in the bullpen due to a need, or at least an already full rotation, and as noted the White Sox may move one of their starters to make room for him. McCarthy's numbers last year serving bullpen duty were very solid, with very good peripherals, particularly since he turned 23 in July. Success like that at the big leagues always trumps success at AA IMO, no matter how dominant one was while at AA.


Crawford for McCarthy makes a lot of sense for both teams. Adding Crawford to the White Sox starting lineup would give them one of the most lethal lineups outside of the Yankees while not hurting their pitching staff too much. And McCarthy would give the D-Rays a second, talented young pitcher to team up with Kazmir to bridge the gap until some of their pitching prospects catch up.

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Vazquez is nice from a durability standpoint, but his focus and consistency has gone right out the window the past few years. A total tease He'll get hitters out for a few innings, with K's, and then just lose it. For weeks at a time. He was a wonderful player back in 2003 with Montreal but has regressed a fair bit.


Take a look at his game-by-game line from last year. Way too many 5, 6, 7 and 9 run games to be depended on as something other than an end-of-rotation guy.


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